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Vice President

The vice president works closely with the president doing much the same role, with a focus on sponsorship and organising club kit orders. The VP organises a huge amount of small important tasks such as locating equipment and ensuring there is a member of exec or a coach to run the weekly conditioning sessions. The VP has a strong behind the scenes role helping all the other exec members to do their jobs (making sure nothing is forgotten), and chasing up Warwick Sport members when we want something! The time commitment is similar to the president with an emphasis on the end of term 2/beginning of term 3 (for sponsorship proposals) and beginning of term 2 (for Warwick Comp). Furthermore, with the new style of kit ordering, ongoing liasing with Tony at Speed One Sports, the Sports Officer, and Alex from BLK is required. This role is really fun and needs a lively and upbeat person to fill it to be the president’s second-in-command, and encourage students to join the club, but they also need to be determined and persistent as gaining a sponsor is very difficult and dealing with kit suppliers can be a nightmare! But other than that it’s really fun, you have a lot of responsibility and are able to make a real difference to the club.

Typical jobs: