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Social Secretary

The social secs are responsible for fun in the club! They organise and host social events and try to maximise participation. This job is done by two people – they are responsible for running fun socials as well as getting everybody home safely at the end of the night. Their biggest events of the year are running adoptions at the start, tour and organising the previous social secs for social sec revival. Social secs need to be friendly, approachable and fun to be around. More importantly they need to be responsible and inclusive whilst remaining sensitive to different people’s needs. During freshers, it is particularly important to be at sessions chatting to everyone and encouraging everyone to come to socials. They run a variety of socials including circles at pop, organising Cosmos, Warwick Comp social, meals, trips, etc.

The time commitment for this role is at least one full evening a week and a majority of sessions. Ability to shout is helpful!

Typical Roles: