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Competition Secretary

The competition secs organise all the competitions! This is achieved by choosing the comps that we do and then making sure you plan the trip, accommodation and entries in plenty of time. In addition to this the comp secs are expected to act as trip leader for away comps, doing the planning and paperwork associated with getting these approved. During a competition day you will organise everyone and deal with any crises to make sure the day runs smoothly! In the beginning of the role, after the president affiliates us to SUTL, you write a short bid to host one of the SUTL competitions. Comp secs also play an integral part in our own Warwick Comp – organising entries and securing the church halls for the universities to stay overnight in. The comps secs are also the first port of call, with the president, for all external clubs who wish to communicate with us. You must also make sure that everyone knows the routines for the comps that we do and that you generate lots of interest in competing.

Typical Roles:

It sounds like a lot of work, but remember there is two of you so you have always have one another for support and to divide the work load! Any questions feel free to ask either of us at session, comp sec is a really fun role and is very rewarding once a comp has gone smoothly!