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Safety, Coaching, & Equal Opportunities Officer

Safety and coaching is another vital role at the club and the only position with an entry requirement! To be safety and coaching you need to be a British Gymnastics (BG) trampoline coach (or at least in training when you start the role). Safety and coaching needs to be at all sessions (unless you have a clash with lectures of course) and is responsible for ensuring safety & checking equipment before sessions start. The main emphasis of this role is to ensure people have fun whilst keeping the sport as safe as we possibly can. The second role is ensuring that there are a sufficient number of coaches for the club and, where necessary, securing higher level external coaches. Safety and coaching also communicates with the midlands representatives to organise coaching courses to train a fresh load of coaches/judges for the new academic year. They also play a big role in Project Bounce – a project in which we send our coaches to run after-school trampoline sessions.

Typical jobs: