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Media Officer

The Media Officer manages the club website including putting up relevant information for members. The website provides the first point of call for many people from outside the club and needs to be kept up to date and interesting.
During Warwick Comp they will be responsible for all technology including setting up the projector, microphone and provide any other technical assistance the competition requires.
The publicity section of this role includes organising the sports fair in fresher’s week (and refresher’s in term 2 – if the SU runs this), designing and buying branded items including pens, fliers, and stickers.

The job also covers making videos or writing up reports for all the competitions, and trying to keep the club visible and appealing. In addition to this, Media Officer is responsible for media, including photos and videos. They also run all the club’s social media, along with the president, including the Facebook page, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. If they see an opportunity to get the club in wider university media then this is also encouraged.

Typical roles:
•           Organising all technology involved in Warwick Comp.
•           Maintaining the website, and various social media pages.
•           Recording routines at each competition.
•           Thinking of ways to promote the club to outsiders